The Invitation

Seven designers and sixteen models traveled to NYC to represent the city of Charlotte while promoting the importance of environmental conservation. The designs are nothing short of stunning, and we are thrilled to showcase them for you.

The Dream

In 2015, OPERA CAROLINA, fueled by the passion of Marketing Director Megan Miller, launched a new recycling initiative, OPERA RECYCLES. They intended to use their outdated recyclable materials such as playbills and postcards in a creative and beautiful use ~ fashion. In the three years since the initiative launched, more than 15,500 pieces of marketing material have been transformed into beautiful fashion pieces.

Videos from Youtube

Check out a few videos that were posted from audience members of the NYFW Show.




Opera Recycles is a recycling initiative that creates entire lines of clothing made from unused marketing material, producing some very original and stunning items of clothing. This outside-the-box thinking shown by Opera Carolina in creating the Opera Recycles initiative really highlights their creative thinking and makes them an inspiration to any conservation enthusiast wishing to assist in reducing the amount of wasted industrial material.

- Megan Miller, Founder of Opera Recycles