Meet our Designers

Kristen Alyce

With an eye for style coupled with fashion and a particular soft spot for non-profit social causes, Kristen created the company Garbage Gone Glam in 2009. Pursuing creative marketing was a perfect combination of all things creative with a hint of a numbers game to prove certain campaigns worked better than others.

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It didn’t take long before Kristen’s upcycled designs made their way throughout the fashion community; from her local scene in Palm Beach to international venues across France, Switzerland, and Italy during Milan Fashion Week. After taking a recycled concept across the ocean, Kristen joined forces with, Florida Native and talented artist, Sarah Lapierre. Both women came together with a vision for an inspired line of wearable original paintings with the highest quality elements of art, design, and construction.

Vivre Couture pieces are worthy of any art collection or gallery exhibition, and excitingly wearable for those premier moments of life. bespoke by definition, gowns and cocktail attire are made with a minimum of five fittings and as part of their creation will have between 25-80 hours of hands on attention between designer, artist, and seamstresses. accessories of each collection are suitable to complement a full vivre ensemble, as well as the perfect statement piece to define a well curated look. the first collection debuted at the runway event during couture fashion week in new york city this past September.

Lyndsee Hairston

Lyndsee Hairston is a published, award winning hair and make-up artist, graduating as a talent based scholarship recipient from The Paul Mitchell School of Charlotte in 2011. She has been shinning bright in the Charlotte industry with her work for the last 6 years, specializing in pageantry, modeling, fashion, weddings, photo-shoots, and soon to be certified educator.

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She is currently re-attending the Paul Mitchell School on her second awarded scholarship completing her educator training to be board certified by fall 2017, to then lead many cosmetology graduates to successful careers. She also hopes to soon go on to the big stages of hair shows, leading thousands of students, stylists and other educators in the near future. Lyndsee has began to create her own foundation where she and other stylists give their time doing makeovers for those who have been though illness, tragedy, bullying, and low self esteem. She spends her time and knowledge giving back to those who want to feel beautiful again on the inside as well as the outside. She was formerly Miss American Beauty 2015 National title holder, winning for the state of North Carolina, and used her reign to promote her cause through pageantry, and continues to work in the industry  after her reign. She is also involved in semi-pro dance the Charlotte area for  7 years now, dancing and coaching for several of the sports teams. She is currently a coach, choreographer, and stylist to the Foxes dancers, a team for the Charlotte Hounds Major League Lacrosse team. All of these experiences and passions have worked themselves together, leading her to an opportunity during Fashion Week Charlotte 2014, to put her hair and makeup work down the runway, as well as a piece of fashionable art. Her journey and love for doing recyclable dresses began, though she had never designed one before. She was asked to design a dress based off of a building in Charlotte, choosing the brand new BB&T Ballpark. The dress was the “Queen of Baseball”, and won best recyclables dress that year. Coming back into the scene in 2016, she was asked to design as dress for Opera Carolina, specifically “Madame Butterfly”. Once again, in the final weeks before show time, she had 3 weeks to pull it together, and won a People’s Choice award for Charlotte Fashion Week. This Fall, Madame Butterfly, as well as a new piece she is finalizing, “Cyrano De Bergerac” will have a chance to debut in Times Square during New York Fashion Week 2017. She is excited to get to the Big Apple and see how this next chapter in her future will unfold. She thanks all of the family, friends, and loved ones for continuous support through the years that helped to get her to this point.

Malou Tabada Cordery

I always loved fashion since an early age.  As a young girl growing up in the Philippines, I would cut paper or shape banana leaves in order to create dresses for dolls.  I designed my first actual dress when I was in college. I joined the Achievers Club in my hometown of Villanueva.

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This is a group of ladies, moms, sisters, and friends who gather every Saturday morning for an arts and craft class. I concentrated on learning how to crochet, since I had already received a little instruction from my Grandma Marion in Cebu City.  I designed and crocheted doll dresses in the class.

I am mostly self-taught, as I wanted to learn how to sew when I was pregnant with my first child, but I didn’t have a sewing machine.  One of my husband’s co-workers gave me her old sewing machine, and that’s how I first started learning to sew.  I made my kids play clothes when they were little, and Halloween costumes, as well as baby blankets and ruffled rugs from old clothes, but I do wish now that I had taken sewing classes because it would have added to my skill set.

I was first exposed and introduced to CharlotteSeen during my daughter Genevieve’s reign as Miss Asia Carolinas in 2011. She was invited as one of the local pageant winners to participate in a Fashion Show for charity, along with Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Charlotte, Miss North Carolina, and other pageant winners.  And then our youngest daughter Alyson followed her older sister on the runway the following year, as it is her dream to be a fashion model.

Emily Kramer

At age 11 Emily was Laura Ingalls Wilder in the backyard plays of her suburban Chicago neighborhood. Except she wasn’t just an actress, she also made the costumes for everyone on the cast. They were about what you’d expect from an 11-year-old who learned to sew from her grandmother.

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Since then, Emily has had several years of professional costuming & fashion design experience. She has costumed for the Royal Court at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and for historical re-enactors of many eras, short film, and theater. She also served as head costumer at the Phipps Center for Performing Arts in Hudson, WI. Having shown fashion collections on Chicago and Charlotte runways, Emily keeps her flair for the dramatic, leaning toward red carpet and formal gowns. Her passion for recycling and eco-friendliness got her involved with designing dresses out of recycled materials. Most recently, she designed dresses from leftover flyers from Opera Carolina to help promote The Barber of Seville, Pagliacci, and their Opera Recycles program.

Venie Tadeo

My name is Venancio Tadeo, Jr., they call me “Venie”  I was born in the Philippines and came to the United States in 1978.  Since I was growing up I always liked design, painting and the arts.  I now live in Mooresville, NC.

Sarah Danee

Sarah Danee is the lead designer of her local Charlotte business, Just Beautiful LLC. Originally from the Southwest, she has been a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina since 2005. She has honed her artistic skills under the tutorage of artisans and craftsmen in the Southeast.

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As a part of the North Davidson (NoDa) Art scene she has participated in multiple All Arts Markets at the Neighborhood Theatre, NoDa Day in May and the Eclectic Market. Her work has been part of the Hart-Witzen Gallery Events, Cabarrus County Arts and Science Council Art Shows, Kannapolis Kaleidoscope, Harrisburg Art Walk, Charlotte Fashion Week, Cydcors International Convention, Pismo Beach Bully Walk, Opera Carolinas-Opera Recycles Program, the National Arts Program and the Columbia Design League’s Runaway Runway.

Capturing the beauty and allure of the Carolinas with her photography, jewelry and art is her favorite past time and passion.  Her art work incorporates the special nuances of the seasons in the southern region of the United States. While her photography compliments the native plants and heritage of Charlotte, her art explores the whimsical nature and daily beauty of everyday life. Her custom jewelry pieces incorporate her ability with cutting and faceting natural stones that are set into precious metal wire wrap, metal-smith and metal art clay designs.  Durable enough to be worn every day or utilized as accent pieces for special occasions many customers have fallen in love with these one-of-a-kind accessories.

When you say “Just Beautiful” you are speaking of photography, art and jewelry products that reflect Southern Elegance and Timeless Style. And, you are speaking of the individual beauty of every woman.

Itala Flores

Itala Flores is a mix- media Artist and jewelry designer, native to Venezuela. Itala earned a degree in Marketing Administration in her native Country, while always keeping her passion for art alive. As time passed, she recognized the need to come to the United State in order for her to follow her dreams, after sometime she met her husband Luis, also an Artist, and fifteen years later they are still together, raising their two boys in NC. Is As an artist, she the creator of a new pottery technique called Drypott.

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In 2017 she become an alumni for “Art pop Street Gallery” in Charlotte NC, and her life changed when she received a billboard displaying her artwork for the entire year as an award! After being introduced to the fashion world by Christopher Goff, she decided to participate in her very first fashion recyclable runway showcase for Charlotte Fashion Week by Charlotte seen in September 2017; winning first place by both people’s and judges choice. That helped her find the right artistic direction to continue following her dreams and progress her skills, in March 2018, she presented her first showcase in Charlotte seen’s La Mode show, receiving positive critical acclaim. At this time, Itala is a Board Director for Christography and a part of Teamtopher as an accessories designer and a parent, with her son Hector being a Model. She is working to continue growing her brand and reach new heights of creative designs.

Rocio Llusca

I am an expressionist artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Originally from Quito, Ecuador. I use vivid colors for my expressionist pieces. I believe in giving second chances to materials that we do not use such as recycled materials for example; paper, egg shells, t-shirts and many more. Each piece is unique with its own color and texture. Expressing my feelings through each of my works.

Edelweiss De Guzman

Edelweiss De Guzman is an award-winning artist who loves to try different things. She works as a patent illustrator for clients in the U.S. and abroad. She grew up in the Philippines, and moved to the U.S. when she was eighteen. Much of her childhood was spent being creative; be it drawing people, improvising toys, or making garments for her dolls, creativity has always been her strong suit. She graduated with a B.F.A. degree from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, where she studied Studio Art with a concentration in illustration.

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She was also selected for the distinction of top senior illustrator from the department of Art at UNC Charlotte and received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Illustration in her senior year. Her cross-disciplinary background in illustration, digital design, studio art painting, and contemporary/conceptual garment design has infused her practice with multiple influences and approaches. Edelweiss is also the co-founder of the Art Ecologie Group. Edelweiss’s artistry is unique. Not only has she been designing strange and wonderful fashion for over eight years now, but she is well trained in traditional art mediums also. She finds inspiration in many things, from stylistic comic book art to the techniques of the past; like the Expressionist, Avant-Garde and Art Deco. Through a mixture of creative thought, unusual mark-making, tireless design, and infectious personality, Edelweiss De Guzman is one-of-a-kind. Extra: Awards: Student Merit Excellent Award, UNC Charlotte: Art and Art History Outstanding Awards in Illustration, UNC Charlotte: Art and Art History CLT Passport for Fashion, Best Recyclable Designer 2013 CLT Fashion Week, People’s Choice Award 2012 Déjà Vu Juried Art Exhibit, Gastonia Artist Guild 2015 Shows and Group/Juried Art Exhibitions -Condom Couture Charlotte, Feb. 2016 to Feb. 2018 -Spring Art Exhibit, Asian Library Charlotte, 2017 -Gallery Exhibit, Tapps Gallery Columbia SC, 2017 -Gallery Exhibit, Art Institute of Charlotte, May 2016 -Earth Day Celebration, Sustain charlotte, 2016 -Vivo Moschino at The Mint Museum, Nov. 2015 -Fashion and Awe, Embassy Suite, 2015 -Eco-Fab, Ballantyne Theater, Sept. 2015 -Maker Faire, Discovery Place Science Charlotte, 2015 -Déjà Vu Juried Art Exhibit, Gastonia Artist Guild 2015 -Charlotte Fashion Week, 2013 -Art Fusion, The Mint Museum 2013 -B.F.A. Senior Group Art Exhibit: Illustrators of Tomorrow, 2013 -Art Ecologie: EcoFab Couture, 2013 -Passport for Fashion, Music Factory 2013 -Charlotte Fashion Week, Music Factory Week 2012 -Go Figure Juried Art Exhibit, 2012 -The Stylus Show Summer Group Art Exhibit, UNC Charlotte 2012 -Charlotte’s Inaugural Chalk Art by Wells Fargo, Arts and Science Council, 2011 -Drawing Layers Juried Art Exhibit, 2011 Humanitarian Project: Days for Girls Project (Africa) Fundred Dollar Bill by Mel Chin 1 Million Bone Project, Washington D.C. Water for Malawi Walk for Marawi Organization: Past 2nd Vice President of the Filipino-American Community of the Carolinas, Inc. 2015-2016 Creative Director Asian Music and Dance Fest, Carolinas Asian Chambers of Commerce 2010-2016 Co-founder/Organizer Art Ecologie Group