Get Involved

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs for Carolina STYLE Magazine.

Opera Carolina is committed to expanding and improving the Opera Recycles® program and these efforts would not be possible without the help of patrons like yourself.

With resourcefulness and the help from our supporters, Opera Carolina has been able to showcase our fashions around the city of Charlotte and promote the importance of sustainably conscious business decisions. In addition to providing arenas for expression, these Opera Recycles® Dresses highlight emerging designers & models. We feel that it is important to promote the work of our local designers and models while increasing Opera awareness in the community.

In September 2017, we were invited to put together a fashion show featuring our entire Opera Recycles® Collection at New York Fashion Week during Couture Fashion Week in New York City. This unique opportunity showcased the art of opera and environmental conservation on a national scale. With a total of seven designers and sixteen models, Opera Carolina made sure to represent the city of Charlotte while promoting the importance of environmental conservation.

Opera Carolina plans to continue incorporating the Opera Recycles® initiative around the city of Charlotte to introduce opera to new audiences all while promoting sustainability efforts to the community.

Please take a moment and consider donating what you can to help make this dream a reality for so many that are involved.